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Educational Administration & Management

Educational Administration and Management course are for principals, school counselors, preschool owners, owners of institutes and candidates aspiring to lead an educational institute.

Course Info

The course covers various technicalities and materials, which a candidate has to learn to manage an institute properly. Operational administration and management of various educational institutes needs specific skills and Aspiring Professional Teachers Training Institute allows teachers to gain this specific knowledge.


60 Hours Educational Administration and Management is a certification course which we offer. The teachers are able to gain confidence to become suitable administrators after completion of the this course


  • Internationally accredited certificate for principals, institute heads and school coordinators.

How it Works

  • Once payment is done, students are given access to the course with unique username and password.
  • Each module has set of Multiple Choice Questions / assignment, which the students need to complete successfully to move on to the next phase.
  • There is an assignment at the end of the diploma phase.
  • Certificate is mailed to the candidates after successful completion of the course.

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