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Aspiring Professional Teachers Training Institute’s Montessori teachers training course trains teachers who aims to be successful preschool teachers and facilitate learning of young minds. Social, cognitive and physical development of children is key principles of method developed by Maria Montessori. The method allows students to develop at their own pace in an environment supervised by the facilitator. It has been one of the most successful models followed across the globe to teach students in the age group of 2 – 12. Online Montessori Teachers Training course has been developed keeping in mind the key methodology by Maria Montessori.

Certificate in Montessori Teachers Training course has 6 modules dealing with educational philosophies, sensorial and mathematics in Montessori, child psychology and education in emerging society.

In the diploma in Montessori Teachers Training course, the teachers would be taught how to handle apparatus of Maria Montessori as specialization. They will also have to create a lesson for their Montessori class and complete an assignment. 

Post graduate diploma in Montessori Teachers Training is an extensive course which deals with Maria Montessori’s methodologies extensively. Along with it candidates will be taught about other preschool methodologies, which will help teachers understand Montessori better. Teachers will be taught how to create lesson plans and case studies too.

How it Works

  • Applicants to Montessori Teacher Training Diploma Course are contacted by our sales executives.
  • Once final payment is made the candidate is given access to the course
  • Candidates needs to go through the course one module at a time
  • Each Module has s et of MCQs with a final assignment
  • Once the course is completed successfully, candidate are awarded the certificate

Learning Outcome

  • Candidates successfully completing the Montessori Teachers Training Course can teach age group 2-10.
  • Montessori Teachers Training certificate is valid worldwide.
  • Certified teachers can work across the globe with this certificate.
  • Teachers are taught to handle Montessori apparatus and use Maria Montessori's Methodology in classroom.
  • Planning and executing a lesson using Maria Montessori's methodology.


  • Eligibility of Montessori Teachers Training Course is just Class 10..


  • Candidates will be assessed continuously during the Online Montessori Course.
  • Each module is followed by a set of MCQs which has to be complete to get access to next phase.
  • The candidates can be given a separate grade sheet on request.
  • In the Diploma in Montessori Teachers Training course, candidates has to make a lesson plan
  • There is an assignment at the end of the diploma phase.
  • Tutors will support, assess and guide during the course.

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