SEN Certificate Course: How can it be helpful?

An efficient teacher not only teaches but inspires to explore, learn, and grow through thick and thin. Special education needs include all these requirements to help children learn with minimal effort.

As there’re multiple disabilities like dyslexia, dysgraphia, language processing disorder, visual perceptual/visual motor deficit, etc and each of them has particular effects on one’s body and mind, a child’s requirements are also different. SEN certificate course is not just a regular course but it includes the special activities a teacher should know to handle such students with care.

In this article, you will find all the necessary details about the SEN courses organised in a teacher training institute and their practical importance.

What do Special Educational Needs mean?

There are different types of special educational needs where a child seeks more concentration and care to learn a particular subject. With cognitive disabilities, it is harder to adapt to anything new for a student including manners, communication, subject learning, and physical activities.

As a result, teachers need to be empathetic and patient to every special child and be compatible with their own learning pace. With a proper plan taught in the teacher training course, disabilities can be overshadowed by the enthusiasm to learn new things for the spacial students.

What is the SEN course?

Special educational needs courses are designed to explain the disabilities, its effect, and how children react under different conditions. This course also explains how to handle a student to let them feel comfortable and eager to explore new things.

The fundamental aim is to train a teacher for special children for their well-being and not to feel deprived in society. First, a teacher needs to be confident enough to make his/her students equally self-reliant. Likewise, this course is to certify this major ability in an individual teacher.

How to complete this training course?

There’re multiple courses on SEN available both online and offline institutes. You can complete a diploma course to apply for positions like SEN teaching assistant, SEN teacher (primary or secondary), learning support assistant, and behaviour mentor.

In these courses, you need to understand the scientific techniques to help a special student and how to keep yourself fresh both mentally and physically. The course would include all the 21st-century teaching techniques to identify & teach children with special needs in an inclusive classroom with all the regular activities a normal student learns.

What are the most important things to learn about special educational needs and disabilities?

  1. Note that, there are diverse students and each of them has individual learning capabilities and particular limitations. As a teacher, it’s your responsibility to fulfil students’ special educational needs and development throughout the academic hours at any stage of school.
  1. Teachers with SEN skills have significant involvement in a child’s mind and he/she can be motivated by every small action. Likewise, a student can give more effort to learning something new if he/she finds a suitable environment and a calm response from the educator’s end.
  1. Learn to plan a customised lesson structure for students with learning limitations. It would support the student’s personal learning speed and provide effective results in a long run.

  Advantages of SEN course

  1. A certified teacher has all the necessary skills to understand a student, be friendly with him/her, and teach them as per their requirement instead of following a standard syllabus.
  2. This course would help the teachers to know about learning disabilities first in detail. So, there would be a personalised solution for each different disability.
  3. Not only the students but an SEN certified teacher may help the parents and assure them a caring learning experience for their child. So parents would be motivated to let them learn as per interest growth.
  4. SEN curriculum would specify how to identify and help a special student in an inclusive classroom. It would increase the awareness of normal students about special children’s disabilities and they would feel safe with others.
  5. While joining this course, teachers can understand why a child cannot learn something as fast as others and they would be more patient while teaching.

Your task as an SEN certified teacher

As a general teacher, your responsibility is to teach students, assess their growth, and discuss their learning capabilities with parents. Similarly, as an SEN certified teacher, your primary tasks remain the same with some additional responsibilities.

With the course, you would learn to be more calm and empathetic during teaching a child. This course first helps you to modify your skills and you help a specially-abled student to explore things further.

As an educator, you need to plan different activities, observe the growth frequently, and find the poorest part in the whole learning path. Accordingly, your task is to be the guiding light for the overall improvement of your student.

Final Thoughts

You can opt for an online teacher training for this certificate that let you do a comparatively difficult teaching task but with assured better satisfaction. Learn more about the Special Educational Needs here to feel the importance of the teachers in this field.

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