How pre-primary teacher training helps you build career?

How to get Pre Primary teacher training certified?

The modern world has myriad careers to choose from. Teaching is one of the oldest careers. Many people aspire to be a teacher. The best start to fulfilling this dream is to be certified for Pre Primary teacher training. The aspirants can start their teaching career by teaching pre-primary students. This requires obtaining a degree certificate from an established institute. There are several teacher-training courses. The aspirant can enroll for the specific course. After completion of the entire duration of the course, they need to give their final assessment. Then the certificate will be given and the aspirants can become Pre Primary teachers. The aspirants need to note that the institute for acquiring the training should be authentic and recognized by various countries. The certificate should hold value for the aspirants to get a teaching job in a renowned institute.

What is the duration of Pre Primary Training Course?

The pre-primary teacher training courses are becoming increasingly popular across the globe.  But to ensure profound knowledge, the aspirants need to find a good institute. The training course comprises various degrees. The basic certificate course for teacher training for pre-primary classes is for approximately 6 months. Certificates are given after completion of the training. The aspirants will get trained by faculty members. Teacher training can be customized according to the needs of the aspirants. The aspirants according to their needs can take up the different degrees with different course duration. It is very important to select the course and the duration suitable for the aspirant.

What is the course fee in the institutes?

The course fees vary in different teacher training institutes. However, keeping affordability by all in focus, APTTI keeps the fee nominal. The fee is different according to the duration. Once aspirants sign up with their choice of institute, they can get a detailed fee structure from the institute itself.

The aspirants must compare the Pre Primary teacher training course fees of various institutes before taking admission to the program. They should also keep in mind the quality of education provided. The aspirants should go through the alumni lists and successful recruits in various schools. This will help them to take the decision to choose the correct institute for training.

What are the minimum eligibility criteria?

There are certain eligibility criteria that need to be fulfilled before taking the teacher training course. The aspirant who wants to do a diploma course in Pre Primary teacher training should complete their 10th grade successfully. Post-graduation diploma holders can also apply for the course. The details of the course like eligibility, duration, course fee, etc. should be well-known to the aspirants.

What are the Course modules?

The basic course module contains various subjects to understand their students in a better way. In recent times, the digital mode of teaching is very popular. The aspirants should be trained in such a way that they are comfortable teaching the kids. Pre-primary students are the ones below class 1. It is very important to grab their attention while teaching. The various modules taught during the course are as follows.

  • Methodology
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Developmental Stages
  • Direct/Traditional Teacher-Centred Approach
  • Collaborative or Cooperative shared Centred
  • Piaget, Froebel, Montessori, Emillia, Regio Approach
  • Hands-on or Inquiry Student Centred
  • Lesson Planning and Evaluation
  • Physical Development
  • Constructivist Teaching Methods
  • Physical Development
  • Intellectual Development
  • Effective classroom arrangements and materials used for adequate teaching
  • Social and emotional development
  • Classroom management and instructional strategies

Pre-primary is an important grade for the kids. It is very important to teach them effectively through various engrossing methodologies. This will help in their critical thinking capacity in the future. This is the time for their brain development. Their intellectual and emotional development starts at this early age. Therefore, aspirants should very well go through the modules if they want to be successful pre-primary teachers. There are various approaches to teaching suggested by multiple theories. This will help the aspirants to understand the methods of teaching used over the years. Making a lesson plan is a very important aspect of being a good teacher. The module helps the teacher to strategize properly about the lessons to be taught in the schools day-wise.

Why should you enroll in APTTI?

Here at APTTI, we offer class training for teaching aspirants. They have a course for Pre Primary teacher training which can be availed by all. The courses are very flexible and also the cost for the courses is very nominal.

Online teacher training is also provided in APTTI. The aspirants who are unable to visit the institute for training can very well take up the online course. The aspirants according to their convenience can take up the online course anytime. The syllabus is also very light and does not put a lot of stress. Therefore, many aspirants take up part-time jobs while taking online courses. This helps them to complete the course on time and also get experience.

The certificate which is given by APTTI is accredited by several renowned universities around the world. If the aspirant is certified by APTTI they can be easily recruited by some famous schools. The certificates are recognized everywhere. The Diploma course in APTTI gives a clear idea about the methodologies of teaching.

The faculty members are the key driving force for so many successful alumni from APTTI. They provide separate doubt-clearing classes to the aspirants. The techniques of teaching are also innovative. The aspirants also get an opportunity to participate in webinars and seminars. This helps to understand the field of teaching from the experts. It also gives them exposure to the teaching field.

Availing an online teacher training can be a game changer. If you are aspiring to be a teacher and train the future of the planet, what are you waiting for? Come join APTTI and get yourself Pre Primary teacher training certified.