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SEN certificate: How it helps to get a job?

There are many children with special needs who need different guidance from their teachers at school. Aspirants who want to teach students with Special Educational needs can take up the SEN Certificate course. Teaching is one of the most demanding professions globally. There are many institutions which provide several courses on teacher training. The person aspiring

SEN Certificate Course: How can it be helpful?

An efficient teacher not only teaches but inspires to explore, learn, and grow through thick and thin. Special education needs include all these requirements to help children learn with minimal effort. As there’re multiple disabilities like dyslexia, dysgraphia, language processing disorder, visual perceptual/visual motor deficit, etc and each of them has particular effects on one’s body

Special Education Certification: Why should you have it?

While teaching is undoubtedly a noble job, it is not sans challenges. The challenges and difficulties increase manifold when it comes to teaching special children. Every child is special in that sense but children who have some or other difficulties like autism, learning disability,ADHD, visual impairment or hearing impairment, hindrances in cognitive development etc., are

What Is the Role of Special Education Teachers in an Inclusive Classroom?

The adoption of inclusive education strategies has rapidly increased in recent decades. With this, specially-abled students are immersed in classrooms with their developing peers. According to a recent study of the U.S., above 60% of students with disabilities spend at least 80% of their school day in general education classrooms. Inclusive learning helps students in

Enrolling in a Special Education Teacher Training Program: 4 Important Things to Know

Special education programs are designed for students who are physically, mentally, socially or emotionally delayed. This aspect of “delay” places these children behind their peers. This is why; children with special needs require unique instruction by specially trained professionals to achieve their highest potential and progress beyond their limitations. And so, special education teachers need