Role of a Teacher in a Montessori Classroom

Montessori teachers are scientific observers of children. Montessori teachers always encourage a child to be independent and their objective is to make a child achieve success in every task. Children must have the freedom to choose their own activities and learn to behave without restriction. In Montessori education, a child is allowed to be an observant and have the freedom to explore the materials.

Montessori teachers are not the centre of attention in the classroom. Their role, centres, on the preparation of the classes for her students. A Montessori teacher must let her students solve their problems all by themselves, engaging them in the learning process and enhancing critical thinking skill.

If a child is not ready, a Montessori teacher does not force the child to learn. For instance, the teacher associates an object with its name, such as “book” and ask the child to identify the word. If the child points to the object, the association has been made.

This type of system allows both the educators and learners to develop observation skills. This is important in understanding when students are receptive to learning, you can introduce more complex lessons. You need to motivate them and offer encouragement and support in their accomplishments to inspire advancement through the curriculum and learn new skills.

Montessori teachers require patience and the ability to re-teach material until the students understand it. They need to have a well-developed imagination, creativity and flexibility to operate actively as well as independently in class.

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