The Role of a Nursery Teacher in Forming a Child’s Foundation

A nursery teacher refers to a specially trained individual who plays an important role in developing a child’s personality, knowledge, and growth. These teachers are the ones responsible for taking care of children while teaching them the fundamental basics of life and education. As they are the first teachers to provide instruction to the children, they play a huge part in the formative years of a child.

Below are just some of the ways in which a teacher can have a positive impact on children of that age.

  • As a nursery teacher has the fundamental responsibility for the cognitive development of the child, they focus on a wide array of specific duties that must be completed. Daily lesson plans are prepared to assist the children in receiving basic education to get them ready for the next year. Various educational plans involve children working in groups to develop the children’s communication skills through interaction with each other.
  • A nursery teacher can also prepare creative activities daily. As creativity is an important part of a young child’s development, teachers set up various activities related to art and craft, music, requiring varying levels of application of learning for children to engage in.
  • Outdoor activities are also assigned by nursery teachers which are a crucial part of a child’s development. Involvement in outdoor activities and games help improve the children’s coordination and motor skills from early on. He or she is also in charge of ensuring that every child is safe in a play environment.
  • The basic needs of a child should also be addressed by a nursery teacher. He or she is in charge of having the children eat at the right time, serving safe drinking water and even helping them with their bathroom needs. They also teach them rules of etiquette while they go about actualizing themselves by fulfilling these basic needs independently. It is critical for the facilitator/ nursery teacher to provide a comfortable and nurturing environment for their development.
  • An important part of being a nursery teacher also involves assessing every child’s individual development. This is done so that no child is left behind in the learning experience. He or she prepares extra lessons and alternative ways of learning to help students who are facing difficulties in coping.
  • A nursery teacher’s role can be summed up as a combination of a caregiver, enabler, and educator. Besides, he or she provides the primary emotional resource for young children.

nursery teacher holds a position of prime importance in the formative years of a child. By preparing educational lessons, planning games, and activities and facilitating hands-on learning activities or field trips, a nursery teacher covers all the fundamental areas that a child needs to grow in. They are the ones who play a significant role in cultivating the next generation and helping them to be successful later in life.

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